• CliffordKoDR

    Welcome to dORGk

    October 31, 2015 by CliffordKoDR

    My Story 

    My name is Clifford. I'm a comedian from Hamilton, Ontario who, during his mid-twenties, struggled deeply with alcoholism and is, to this day, sober. Part of my sobriety was finding a healthy distraction to invest my time into that wasn't the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Before I knew of the ORG community, I created my own Big Brother ORG on Facebook. I was falling in love with the reality show for the first time and wanted to run my own version online. I ended up gather friends and friends of friends on Facebook to participate in the social experiement that at times, was amazing, and others, way too personal and toxic.

    There were a lot of growing pains, teaching myself how to properly host a game with such diverse personalities. Af…

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